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The Best Restaurants in Sayulita

It can be daunting visiting Sayulita for one week and trying to decide where to spend your time and pesos with the overwhelming number of options in the pueblo. I’ve lived in Sayulita for four years-ish so I feel qualified to help you weed through the rapidly growing beach town. I’ve narrowed it down to the best restaurants in Sayulita.

mady in sayulita

These are my personal recommendations for the best restaurants and bars in Sayulita. I try to update this list as much as I can because new things are always popping up. If you’ve tried something great that’s missing from this list, let me know about it!


Best Mexican Cuisine in Sayulita: Mary’s

Ask any expat in Sayulita what their favorite Mexican restaurant is and the majority of people will answer “Mary’s” with no hesitation. I am never disappointed and it’s always worth having some patience for, there is sometimes a long wait because it’s one of the best restaurants in Sayulita. My recommendations: Any of the specialty tacos, the Olea Taco specifically, which I order on flour tortilla, or anything with shrimp on it! Something about the way they do shrimp here is incomparable. Don’t come to Sayulita and skip this place!
Located: Central Sayulita, Av Revolución 36.

Other awesome taco spots in Sayulita,  just to name a few: Tacos Tonio! (another local favorite) Naty’s, Bicho’s. Bicho’s has an amazing suadero taco that is definitely worth checking out! More info about Bicho’s Tacos HERE.

Best Burger in Sayulita: Baby’s Burgers

The best burger in Sayulita used to be a heavily debated question, because to be honest with you there really wasn’t one that was that great. As an American, cheeseburgers are in my top three favorite foods, and as a Californian that means In-n-Out. I lived with a hole in my heart where my weekly In-n-Out smash burger once lived. It wasn’t until Baby’s Burgers came along that I could fill the void. Now, there’s no debate, Baby’s Burgers is the best burger in Sayulita, if not the best burger I’ve ever had.

Baby’s Burgers was born from the same void that I felt: no great American-style burgers in Sayulita, there were some options that were okay, but they certainly couldn’t satisfy the craving for In-n-Out. So, Colin and Estefania decided, hey our burgers are pretty damn good, maybe other people will like them too? Thus the idea for their very own burger cart in Sayulita. The concept for Baby’s Burgers was simple- a basic smash burger with good meat, lots of cheese, and a soft buttery bun that you could grab for a quick munch on your way home from the beach.

Colin and Estefania operate the business entirely on their own, currently, and have grown so much popularity that the burgers often sell out within two hours. Baby’s Burgers is open Thursday-Sunday 7pm-11pm, but it’s unlikely you will get a burger after 10pm. The people of Sayulita have spoken and I wouldn’t be surprised if Baby’s Burgers has a storefront in the near future, cheers to small ideas becoming big realities.

Located: Calle Delfines, just before the beach. More Info.

miscelanea food

Best Brunch Spot in Sayulita: Miscelanea Cafe

There’s a ton of delicious places to get breakfast in Sayulita but Miscelanea is my personal favorite. I love the atmosphere, the menu packs a lot of variety for such a tiny kitchen, and if you’re a coffee lover the specialty drinks will make this place worth a visit. This is a nice place to work but with the current overload of people working remotely in Sayulita please be respectful with how much time you spend here and always order a full meal if you are working. If you are looking for a place to work, check out this co-work space!
Located: Central Sayulita, Av Revolución 32a. Find more info here.



Best Coffee in Sayulita: Yah- Yah Cafe

I rarely drink coffee so I actually found the answer to the burning question, “where is the best coffee in Sayulita?” through a vote via Sayulita Social. The audience spoke and overwhelmingly Yah-Yah Cafe was the winner. Yah-Yah is known as a friendly spot located in Sayulita’s south side neighborhood, Niños Heroes.  The local favorite recently opened another location in the pueblo because of such high demand! The new location is on Av. Revolucion just before Libertad hill.

*Tip: Yah-Yah Cafe is not a co-working space, please respect local cafes and allow them to rotate their tables by finding a co-working space.

Located: Niños Heroes 3. More info here.

rustica pizza
Photo courtesy of @larusticasayulita

Best Pizza in Sayulita: La Rustica

La Rustica’s central location puts it in the spotlight and rightfully so, it’s one of the best restaurants in Sayulita. Rustica’s wood fired thin pizza is made with fresh, quality, local ingredients and hits the spot with out the greasy pizza guilt. My personal favorite: La Princessa. Rustica’s menu includes some excellent salads and pastas as well, but pizza is where they shine. Make sure to check out the rooftop on the weekend for cocktails.

Located: Central Sayulita, Av Revolución 40. More info here.
Runner Ups for Pizza: 


Marcolino Italian

Best Pasta in Sayulita: Marcolino

Marcolino is the go-to restaurant for fresh pasta in Sayulita. Marcolino’s handmade pasta isn’t where it ends, they also have awesome pizza and great salads. Marcolino is a long-standing favorite in Sayulita, while many other pasta restaurants have came and gone this family-owned spot has stood the test of time. My recommendations: any of the Gnocchi dishes, Pera Ravioli, slow-roasted Bolognese and I love the pizza. Most places in Mexico are thin crust; Marcolino’s  pizza is on the thicker side. The best way to go: 2 people= split a salad, pasta, and a pizza.

*Tip: Sign-up for this meal on a night you can go straight for a food coma afterward. Big plates of pasta and a night out at Yambak don’t mesh well.

Located: Centro. C. Jose Mariscal 44. More Info.


itacate burrito

Best Lunch in Sayulita: El Itacate

I have so many great things to say about Itacate, everything on the menu is delicious! Easily one of the best restaurants in Sayulita. The staff are so friendly and outgoing,  every plate is made with love. Their specialty is the Itacate, a burrito made from cheese instead of a tortilla, yes, really. It’s amazing, a cheese lover must-try! Their steak and carnitas tacos are also fantastic.

*Tip: portion sizes are huge so order accordingly.

Located: Central Sayulita, Calle Jose Mariscal 42. More info.

pastor street tacos

Best Street Tacos in Sayulita: Tacos al Pastor Diaz

Street tacos are a touchy subject because everyone has their own taco stand they stay loyal to, this is mine. If you’ve never had a pastor taco before you have no idea what you’ve been missing your whole life. I could write an entire blog on my love for the pastor taco.

Pastor is marinated pork (every stand has their own special recipe) usually some combination of chilies, spices, and pineapple. This magical meat is then grilled on a shwarma streetside topped with onions, cilantro, pinã and the salsa of your choice.
Tip: pastor tacos are best eaten standing drunk in the street around 2am.
What to get: 2 classic tacos de pastor or I order what’s called a “gringa” which is a flour tortilla instead of corn with grilled cheese (basically a small quesadilla).
Tip 2: WASH YOUR HANDS. It’s easy to forget you’ve been walking around a tourist town all day touching things before you eat street tacos, then many people blame the street tacos for feeling sick.

bar la isla

Best Beach Bars in Sayulita: Bar La Isla and Frente al Punto

If you’re looking for a place that’s right on the beach there’s so many options to choose from in Sayulita, but not all are created equal. For me this one was too close to call between La Isla and Frente al Punto. This is the place to get day drunk and sunburned with your friends then call it an early night, they close at 9ish. If you’re looking for something more family friendly choose Frente al Punto.

Located: Main Beach, just past the river heading north. More Info.


More of the Best Restaurants and Bars in Sayulita

mady at bar le zouave

Best Margarita in Sayulita: Bar Le Zouave

Le Zouave strays from the classic lime and salt margarita to some more creative combos, that’s why I chose them as the best margarita in Sayulita. Classic lime margaritas can be hard on your stomach after more than one, I like to switch it up. My personal favorite is mandarin mint, when it’s in season. The orange ginger margarita is also a crowd pleaser, maybe because it gives the illusion you’re making a healthy decision while you sip your tequila. Zouave’s romantic bohemian vibe is the perfect place to take a date for drinks or unwind with girlfriends.

Located: Central Sayulita, Ave Revolution 55.
bar le zouave


Cava Sayulita

Best Mezcal Cocktails in Sayulita: Cava

Cava is located right next to Le Zouave and the two go hand in hand for a dreamy mezcal filled Sayulita night out. This spot is a small hole in the wall from the outside but this is where you’ll find the best mezcal cocktails in Sayulita. If you’re interested in doing a Mezcal tasting I would do it here, the bartenders know what they’re talking about and they have a nice selection. 

Located: Central Sayulita,Ave Revolution 54.

tierra viva sayulita

Best Restaurant for Everyone’s Taste: Tierra Viva

Tierra Viva restaurant in Sayulita has won over many local’s as a go-to choice. Why? Because the menu offers a little bit of everything and it’s consistently good. Personally a problem I find in Sayulita is I can have a great meal somewhere, then go back a month later to order the same exact thing and it’s totally different, (likely because the constant turn-over of kitchen staff.) Tierra Viva is an exception, many of the waiters & kitchen staff have been at Tierra Viva for years. The owner’s are lovely people and take pride in knowing the service is always terrific, the food high-quality and well executed.  Breakfast, lunch, or dinner you’ll find something mouth watering on the menu here. 
My recommendations: Eggs Benedict for breakfast, spicy tuna roll for lunch, and the catch of the day or Tierra Viva shrimp for dinner.
Located: One block from the main beach, Calle Marlín 10. More Info.

Hidden Gems in Sayulita



Hamsa Falafel

Looking for something quick, healthy, and delicious? Hamsa is a small Mediterranean restaurant located in the Tamarindo neighborhood of Sayulita. The chef and owner of Hamsa hails from Israel; one of the many amazing things about Sayulita is that it’s home to residents from all over the world.  David wanted to share his talent for preparing recipes he’d been perfecting all his life, so partnered with his friend Gigi they decided to see what they could make happen. Now, Hamsa is a local favorite, with so many vegans and vegetarians in Sayulita the pueblo was in need for a spot just like this. Hamsa is an easy walk from the centro, there’s only a couple tables but the falafel sandwich makes for a perfect to-go lunch.

Located: Calle Pelicanos 22. More Info.

Anchor Sayulita

The Anchor Cafe

I absolutely adore the food, drinks, and space at The Anchor. This cozy cafe is a great breakfast and lunch spot or a friendly place to stop in for a coffee. It’s a small space and fills up quickly, so a reminder if you’re reading this and you’re working remotely from Sayulita: always be respectful of how much time you spend working at a small cafe. This is an ever-growing problem for cafes unable to rotate tables lately. Keep it to about an hour, always order a full meal, if the restaurant is full give up your spot so that others can enjoy The Anchor. 

Palapa beach bar

Las Sirenas Beach Bar

Las Sirenas may just be a small palapa on north beach but these babes make some killer margs. Grab your beach blanket and spend the afternoon on the north beach where it’s usually quieter. You can grab drinks to-go and head back for refills until sunset when the mermaids return to the sea.


Located: North beach at Calle Islas Marias. More Info.

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3 thoughts on “The Best Restaurants in Sayulita”

  1. Thank you. Great info. I was there last month and spent my days trying to figure out the best places to go. I’m going back next month with more info, hence more time on the beach. I can’t wait to try most of these places! Being from the states I’m there to try all the mexican, seafood and margaritas I can!
    Thanks again!

  2. We’ve been living here for 20 years and are still discovering new places and new menu items we’ve never tried. You sure hit the nail on the head with a lot of your recommendations but I just had the burger at “the pub”, aka Sayulita Public House, and I firmly believe it’s the best burger in town. And they’ll cook it rare if that’s how you like it. That’s a treat!

  3. Awesome info, Mady. I tried Mary’s last night and it did not disappoint. Tonight I’ll try one of your other recommendations, depending what looks good as I walk around. You’re a doll.

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