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How to get to the Beaches in Sayulita

Sayulita is known for its postcard views and incredible location at the edge of the sea, but trust me Sayulita’s main beach is only the beginning! Get away from the crowds and check out some of these other beaches in the area. It may take a little extra work but the reward is worth it. Learn more about how to get to the beaches in Sayulita below.

Sayulita Beaches:

Malpaso Beach Sayulita

Playa Malpaso

Malpaso translates to ‘misstep‘ in English. This is probably because when you finally get there it feels like something you’ve accidentally stumbled upon. Malpaso Beach is located on the north end of Sayulita.

Getting to this Sayulita beach requires a little hike through the jungle so you’ll have to be up for an adventure! It’s worth it, the beach is usually deserted. As Sayulita grows more people have discovered this paradise, so it may not be as empty anymore. Malpaso beach used to be known as the place to go nude and lose those tan lines,  don’t be surprised if you see topless beachgoers. As far as swimming goes I wouldn’t recommend swimming at this Sayulita beach on days with a large swell. The undertow is very strong, conditions change quickly, and the beach is far from help. Only advanced swimmers should swim at Malpaso Beach in Sayulita alone.

How to get to Malpaso Beach in Sayulita:Malpaso Beach Sayulita

First head to the north end of Av. del Palmar. If you have a vehicle or golf cart it’s easiest to drive to the start of the trail and park. Once you reach the dead end you’ll see the start of the trail to Malpaso Beach. Follow this trail for about twenty minutes. On the way to this Sayulita beach you’ll run into another small rocky beach. If it’s low tide you can walk through the cave from this beach to Malpaso Beach. At all other times continue on the same trail and you’ll find a path that leads down to the beach. There are also some stairs a little further down but they’re starting to decay. There is no shade so don’t forget an umbrella for this beach!




Carricitos Beach Sayulita

Playa Carricitos

This is a local favorite. At this Sayulita beach you’ll find space away from the noise of town, but it’s still easy enough to get to. You won’t be hassled by vendors at this beach since it is mostly a local’s beach. Playa Carrictos is a great place to truly disconnect or host a bonfire with friends.

map to carricitos beach

How to get to Carricitos Beach in Sayulita:

At the south end of Calle Ninos Heroes the road heads into the jungle, this is easiest done in a golf cart but it’s definitely walkable. When you reach the first T go to the left (the right is another way to get to Playa de los Muertos.) Keep walking you’ll hit two more T’s, go right at both of them. At this point you will reach a cobblestone path that is the entrance to Punta Sayulita. Look to the left of the gated entrance, there’s a small road leading to a steep paved hill. When you reach the top of the hill there will be a sign pointing to the left for Playa Carricitos. Continue down this path until you see a cement wall with an obvious opening and sign for beach access. This path will lead you down the hill to the beach, it’s a very well-beaten path so it should be obvious when you find it. If you get lost, you won’t be the first or the last, good luck!


Playa de Los Muertos

This small beach is just a hop and a skip from Sayulita’s main beach. The reason for the namesake is the beautiful graveyard that you’ll walk through to reach the beach. If you’ve never been to Mexico before you’ll see that the culture has a different view of death than you may have. Graveyards in Mexico are colorful and still feel full of life, a place to remember, not mourn. Please be respectful while taking the path to playa de los muertos. This beach is very popular because it’s a calm area to swim, it can be very crowded with tourists and vendors at times.

How to get to Los Muertos Beach in Sayulita:muertos beach sayulita

This Sayulita beach is not too much of a challenge to find. The easiest way is to start by searching ‘Villa Amor’ on your google/apple maps and head there. Once you’re there you’ll be on a walking path alongside the Sayulita’s main beach. Simply follow the path along the cove until it ends, on the left you will see the entrance to Sayulita’s cemetery which will lead you to Playa los Muertos.


San Pancho Beach

san pancho beach

How to get to San Pancho Beach from Sayulita:

It’s super easy to take the bus to San Pancho for the day and check out the beach there. Just head to the bus station and for around 2o pesos you’ll be in San Pancho in ten minutes. The bus will drop you off at the entrance to San Pancho. San Pancho basically has one main road, just walk down the main stretch toward the beach. There’s a ton of adorable shops in San Pancho, I’ve found so many cute dresses and swimsuits there! There’s also a great restaurant called Limbo if you’re there around dinner time.

Beaches near Sayulita, a short car ride away:


punta negra beach

Punta Negra

Punta Negra beach is on the way from Sayulita to Punta de Mita off of highway 200. After you pass the Litibu resort the highway becomes two lanes. Take the first dirt road on your right. The dirt road leads to a residential area with some beautiful oceanside homes. Take a left and continue to the last house and find a place to park. This beach is usually very quiet and peaceful, very few people, and you’ll find some caves if you explore the area. The weekends can be busier with locals having family gatherings. I love this beach, it’s one of my faves.

La lancha beach

La Lancha Surf Beach

Just down the road from Punta Negra you’ll find this not-so-hidden gem. If you’re traveling to the area to surf, this is the best place around Sayulita to surf. La Lancha is known for its consistently good surf break and brings visitors from all over the globe.

La lancha beach

There’s a surf shop located across the highway where you can park and rent a surfboard. The beach is about 15-20 minutes down a beautiful well-beaten jungle trail. This is my favorite beach near Sayulita to bring a cooler and spend the day with friends. There’s plenty of beach to wander at La Lancha, the water is crystal clear, the vibe is always relaxed, and let’s not forget the hot surfers.

Now all you have to decide is how many of these Sayulita Beaches you have time to explore! Of course there are a handful of other hidden beaches in and around Sayulita that I did not include on this list. I have to keep some things a local secret.

Patzcuaro beach sayulita
Playa Patzcuaro

If you enjoy your own search for secret beaches check out Playa Patzcuaro, Patzcuarito, Burros.


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