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Traveling to Sayulita, Mexico- FAQs

These are some of the most common questions I am asked about traveling to Sayulita, in Riviera Nayarit, Mexico.

How to Get here?!

Sayulita is located about 1 hour north of Puerto Vallarta International Airport, you’ll want to fly in there. traveling to Sayulita from the airport is very easy, there are a few options.

Bus: cross the pedestrian bridge over the highway and you will see a bus stop. Wait for the Compostela bus that says “Sayulita” on the window, it’s 50 pesos and will drop you off at the bus station in Sayulita. Try to have exact change and this option is best for people traveling with light luggage. 

Taxi: warning, they will likely try to over-charge you from the airport, it’s usually around $50USD

Uber: If you cross the pedestrian bridge you can order an Uber.

When is the best time to visit?

Late November-June is the best weather in Sayulita. It’s still fun to visit in the low season but be aware of the following: it’s very hot and humid, it will rain most nights, it tends to stay dry in the day, and occasional power outages are more common. The hottest month is September.

I enjoy the summer weather in Sayulita, but I understand that it’s not for everyone. The days are much slower with the heat, it’s best to plan activities in the morning and leave yourself some downtime for late afternoon when it is the hottest.

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Where to stay when traveling to Sayulita?

Sayulita Neighborhoods to stay in:

Centro: The Centro includes the area around the plaza and Gringo Hill. This area of town will be the most lively. Keep in mind that on the weekends this area may be noisy until early hours of the morning. You’ve been warned, please do not complain to your hosts about music if you choose to book in the Centro. If you are on the back side of Gringo Hill you shouldn’t have a problem with noise.

Northside: This is the quiet area of town located across the bridge from the Centro and has more upscale housing options. The beach on the Northside is easily accessible by foot, but I recommend renting a golf cart to go back and fourth to town.

Southside: The Southside neighborhood is close to everything while far enough from the Centro to get some sleep. This side of town also has a jungle trail that leads to Playa Carricitos and Playa Patzcuarito.

Is traveling to Sayulita Safe?

Yes, Sayulita is a very safe place, I have lived here over four years and never felt unsafe, but like ANY other place things happen and it’s always best to be a smart traveler.

Some Basic Tips:

You might think these things should go with out saying, but these are common mistakes I see by tourists.

Don’t Do These Things:
– carry around a lot of cash, it’s best to keep valuables in a safe at your accommodations.
– leave your phone or wallet just sitting on the edge of a table where they can easily be grabbed.
– set your bag down and walk away from it.
– walk home alone late at night in an unfamiliar area while intoxicated.
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Do businesses take credit/debit cards?

Some restaurants accept cards but generally Sayulita is cash only, so don’t count on it. I would recommend getting pesos from an ATM at a bank, they’re much safer than the ones on the street. There is one bank in Sayulita located next to Sayulita Fit. If you have a driver it’s best to stop at a bank ATM on your way to Sayulita (the fees will be less than at the airport.) Keep in mind during busy times like weekends and holidays the ATMs in Sayulita frequently run out of pesos.

How much should I tip in Sayulita?

15% is standard, feel free to tip 20% if you have exceptional service. If you don’t have great service and still over-tip sometimes this is not a great thing to do because it causes the assumption that everyone can afford to tip 20% all the time which isn’t the case for locals.

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What events will be happening while I’m traveling to Sayulita?

Generally most events are announced week to week in Sayulita.
Find out about upcoming events at Sayulita Social
Sundays: Live music at Frente al Punto, starts just before sunset.
Mondays: Salsa Night at Don Pedro’s
Tuesdays: Two for Ones at Yambak
Wednesdays: Dj set at Barrilito, usually house music.
Thursdays: Ladies Night and Reggaeton DJ at Mucho Bueno.
Friday & Saturday: Dj sets or live music at Yambak and The Garden Selina.

What are your favorite places to go in Sayulita?

See my blog with my favorite places in town HERE

How do I get to other beaches in Sayulita?

See my blog about surrounding beaches HERE

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