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How to Get to Yelapa from Sayulita

Yelapa is one of my favorite places to have a little getaway for a few days. Yelapa is a quiet destination made for relaxing and taking in its natural beauty. I highly recommend adding an adventure to Yelapa and Boca de Tomatlan during your Sayulita stay.
Mady in Yelapa
The beaches located between Yelapa and Boca de Tomatlan are some of the most beautiful beaches I have ever been to. I plan to continue to explore all the best beaches of Mexico I can, but for now Colomitos and the coast of Yelapa will surely suffice.


How to get to Yelapa

Getting there is easy but it takes almost a full day to get there from Sayulita unless you have a car. First you’ll catch the bus from the Sayulita Transit Center. The cost to Puerto Vallarta is 50 pesos/$2.50USD.
Next take the bus into Puerto Vallarta as far as the bus will take you. I take the bus to La Isla Shopping Mall, it’s near the final bus stop and a central location to get dropped off at. After you’ve picked up anything you need for your weekend adventure then order an Uber from La Isla. Enter your Uber drop-off location as “Boca de Tomatlan.”
Tip: If you’re on a tight budget you can take another bus from Puerto Vallarta to Boca de Tomatlan. However Uber is very affordable in the area, I think it’s worth avoiding that extra time and challenge of getting to the other bus.
Once you arrive in Boca de Tomatlan you’ll probably be in need of some lunch and a cold cerveza. Use this opportunity to grab a table on the bay and take in the gorgeous views of Boca de Tomatlan, while munching on fresh seafood.


boats in. boca de tomatlan


Getting to Yelapa from Boca de Tomatlan

Next will depend on where you are staying. Options: rent an airbnb in Boca, go straight to Yelapa, or my recommendation is to stay between the two at the incredible Casitas Maraika.
Casitas Maraika
Casitas Maraika
If you have a reservation with Casitas Maraika contact them via WhatsApp once you arrive to Boca and they will pick you up at the dock and transfer you to your casita. This is a very easy process, but make sure that you’ll have cell reception in the area.
Casitas Maraika is sort of like upgraded glamping. There’s a private beach, restaurant, full staff, and a club on the weekends. Casitas Maraika frequently hosts nationally renowned DJs from all over Mexico. These are super fun beach parties to attend however because of the venue size you usually have to book your ticket in advance. Keep up on the events at Casitas Maraika on @sayulitasocial.
If you ‘re going straight to Yelapa
Simply go to the dock once you finish your meal and grab a water taxi to Yelapa. Make sure you have time as boats to Yelapa sometimes stop running around 5, depending on the season. The staff at the restaurants in Boca are always happy to help assist you with water taxi times and information if you need help.

What to do in Yelapa

boca beach

Hike in the Jungle to Stunning beaches

My number one thing to do in this area is to explore the oceanside trail through the jungle. You can read about how to get there on my previous blog HERE.
Mady in Yelapa


Explore Yelapa

This little slice of paradise is so fun to just walk around aimlessly through the winding paths. You’ll find little restaurants hidden around corners and up random staircases with views of the bay. It’s a nice place to get lost, you’ll never be too lost since all paths point back to the beach. There are no cars in Yelapa, people get around by foot, horse, or 4-wheelers.
waterfall in Yelapa

Waterfalls in Yelapa

There are also two waterfalls. One is located right in town and is very easy to get to. You can find a guide on the beach to help you get there (they walk around offering tours). But it’s totally doable with Google maps if you have service.
mady at waterfall in yelapa
The second waterfalls is a bit of a hike, nothing strenuous though. It’s a smaller waterfall with a large area to swim and spend the day in. It’s extremely easy to get to by just following the trail along the river, you can also find directions HERE
Max and Mady in Yelapa


Post up on a beachside lounger and get some sun. Disconnect from your phone. Read a book. Swim in the calm waters and truly be present. Yelapa has a tranquilo healing energy.  This is not the place to find parties or late night bars, so if that’s what you’re looking for stick with Sayulita or Puerto Vallarta.
river in Yelapa
That’s all the info I’ll leave you with because Boca de Tomatlan and Yelapa are destinations about disconnecting, not visiting the best restaurants and bars (info I’d usually share with you). Enter this adventure with only one expectation: being present. Feel free to message me with any questions while planning your next trip to Yelapa on Instagram @madyinmexico

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  1. Hi Mandy,
    I’ve read your post now a few times along with many of yours posts and always appreciated and enjoyed your suggestions. I’ve done almost everything you’ve recommended!
    My friend and I are planning on going to Yelapa Thurs-Sunday. Do you have a recommendation of a place to stay? Unfortunately, my friend needs internet for Friday though.
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